Monday, January 26, 2009

Productive Weekend

Well this past weekend I was actually productive, I know hell must have frozen over. I don't know what type of weird bug has gotten into me but I am super into getting my whole house in order and getting things perfect. I am even going to start on closet cleaning soon and I am just going to set a goal each week and then each weekend. My weekend goal of getting Andrew's room done was accomplished. My week goal is to get the laundry done and completely put away and to get the floors done throughout the house...just a little bit of work each night and all of my goals will be accomplished.

So I am super happy about all of this and all in all well I just want a nice and beautiful home to come home to each night and I know if I do a bit of extra work each night then I will not ever be in the position that I am in now. Althea has all clean blankets and sheets after this weekend and next weekend I am going to do Andrews and then the following week I am going to do Shane and I's. I am gong to take our comforters to the laundry mat as they are too big for our washer and drier over the weekend and then I will replace the sheets and wash them before my the weekend as that way my mom will have clean sheets to sleep on while we are in Austin.

I am now in the process of making a master cleaning list as well as every other weekend big cleaning jobs that way if I do one basic chore each night and just the regular pick up for the day things will be kept in order. I also am making lists of all of the big projects that I have left, cleaning out totes, catching up on scrapbooking, cleaning those closets, etc. I also am in the process of organizing a shopping list of what is needed when I get my tax refund. I know that summer clothes are not needed for the kids, a second swimsuit for Althea and two swimsuits for Andrew are needed as well as their sandals, getting Andrew some Keens, getting Allie some Tevas and a pair of Keens that unfortunately will probably not fit her until next year but I am going to have all of her shoes bought through size 4s so that she is good as well as Andrew two pairs of tennis shoes in the next size up, he still has crocs that will fit this year so that is nice but he will need some tennis shoes and he wants a pair of converse and sketchers so I think that I can handle that and his Keens! For Shane and I just a few clothing items, some new shoes for me (Keen sandals and black shoes for work and a pair of Earth brown shoes for work) and then a North Face coat for each of us and the winter clothes for the kids for next year!

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