Thursday, April 30, 2009


Things are going great!! Things are busy and crazy and things are going great with writing, just keeping busy working on so much! The freelancingi s really picking up and I am not even to the point of having to turn down jobs and I don't bid on anything through the two websites that I was bidding on jobs through. I have a ton of writing to do today and all in all a crazy day with the kids.

We are going this morning to deliver cookie dough to the wonderful people that I used to work with. Then we have to go and pick up Althea's pictures, next is sorting photographs and getting pictures ready for the family, then picking up Andrew for the dentist, somehow getting some writing done during all of this and then delivering the final cookie dough to the friends and family who are only home at night!! It is going to be one long and busy day and I am sure at the end of it I am going to be super tired, especially since I have articles, papers and blogs to write!! Wow!! So much going on and so little time to do it!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby #3 is Healthy and Cookin' In the Belly

So we got to see baby #3 on Wednesday and the little thing is cooking away in there. I was 11 weeks and 5 days which puts me just over 12 weeks now. I can't believe that with Althea only 9 months old that I am going to be doing it all over again. I feel like she deserved to get to be the baby a bit longer and I am determined to give her enough attention so that she does not feel resentment towards the new little one. I do not know what I am hoping for as for a boy or a girl there would be up sides to both but I do know that I want the baby to be healthy and smart and as beuatiful as the other two kids. I am just hoping for a bit smaller baby this time and that I don't get as huge as I did with the last two.

In preparation for this one I am working on eating healthy and getting my house in order as well as getting into a set routine for things. Things are going good overall with the pregnancy but I am sick as well, I throw up all of the time but other than that life is very good.

Well, here is an update on the family. My extended family is all well. We just had some close friends, Matt and Carmelle expereince the blessing of life with their beautiful daughter Olive. Shane is great, still lucky enough to work from home and even in the economy it seems that he has some job stability. He is great with the kids and I love him so much!! We definitly feel blessed for all that we have. Andrew is doing well. He read a book to me last night. He also has been being good for the most part, he is honory all of the time. Althea is doing well as well. She is talking quite a bit but only half of it is real words, she smiles all of the time and she climbs and stretches and is pulling herself up. Both kids are the light of my life.

Now on to me, well I am working from home as a writer now. I am doing good, making enough money and feel truly blessed to be staying home and spending all of the extra time with my beautiful family.