Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Busy Day Today

So I awoke to horrible weather outside. I was all ready to leave, started my car at 5:25 am and then went to check to see if there were school closings. I ended up waiting until nearly 6:00 am to see that my son's school was indeed canceled. Then I ran upstairs, woke him up, threw some snow pants, boots, coat, hat, gloves on him and grabbed some clothes to take to grandma's. I also grabbed the baby and an extra outfit for her as well as some socks for both of them then threw the baby in her snowsack and headed out the door. The drive was very slow and it was kind fo a pain knowing that things were going to take so much longer today than needed and necessary in my opinion as they are just going to be busy and my three trips to Chillicothe and back are going to be painstakingly long. I am working on getting some stuff together to start some clients on some new programs and had planned on doing some of that today but with the extra drive time to factor in those are just going to have to wait a week or two.

Other than that, well I am on my way to head out for the day. I just hope for no accidents and if there is an accident, well I hope for a totaled car and to have my complete health and not to be injured. Only hope for totaled if I wreck as my car is worth far less than I owe and I have the GAP insurance so that I would have my loan paid off if the car were to be totaled.

I am just hoping to be successful in all that I am doing and that I can really get on top of things and do an overall good job and make everyone around me happy and all of that good stuff. So I am hoping to keep up on this more as well, just haven't had a lot of extra computer time lately, but after the tax return time that will no longer be an issue as I am planning on getting a mini laptop so that I can access the internet at anytime and keep on my posts on here, my myspace and facebook better and to be able to continue to work on a book as I really would like to at least finish a book within the year 2009 and have it sent off to publishers if not yet a contract signed for it. So with all of that on my plate I have a long way to go and the mini laptop seems like the first step for me to start doing better.

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