Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So my thought for the day is about this wonderful quote that I found.

"What is life for? It is for you." Abraham Maslow

It makes me think about how we each have our life and we need to be thankful for that wondeful and precious gift and that we need to be willing to stand up and fight for what is ours and be able to have courage in so many areas and things. I just want to be remembered for good and doing good things for others and being a good person. I don't want my past mistakes or the mistakes that I continue to make to override what a good person I know in my heart I can be and to override the good works that I see it fit in my life to perform.

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Jen B. said...

That's such a wonderful quote! I think you are a great person & always doing good. Everyone makes mistakes... it's what you learn from them that's important. If someone is so narrow-minded that they remember people for the mistakes they've made, their opinion shouldn't matter anyway.