Monday, January 26, 2009


Well I should be interviewing this week or next for a supervisor position here at my agency. I would lose my four day week but with the pay increase it would all be worth it for me. Plus I feel like I would be more challenged in my day to day skills and to be able to move up would be so nice. It would be odd as all of the co workers that I had when I first started working in mental health are now supervisors and team leaders and it was like we were pruned for these opportunities by our wonderful team leader at the time, Dr Mike O'Brien. He was the best and after having learned from the best I feel that there is nothing out there that I can not do. I know that I have made some mistakes in the past and that I fought for a long time wanting to do this type of work as it is stressful and it wears on you but in the end, well this is what I was meant for and I have come to accept that and I love what I do!

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