Friday, January 2, 2009

And the Year is Off

January started off with a bang at our house. We had so much fun! We hung out with friends and family and celebrated the coming of the new year. Andrew got to stay up extra late (10:00 pm) and toast the new year with some sparkling grape juice as we did two toasts that night, one with him and one later with champagne with the adults. It was a good time that actually seemed to commence a bit early for how wound up I was with the hopes and prospects of what a new year could bring. Who knows where we will all really be in a year? I am convinced that positive changes are going to occur in my life and therefore I will make a more positive impact on those around me.

I am so excited to watch the kids grow and change and to be able to share in some great memories and happy times with them.

Now for my goals of the weekend, well I want to update some pictures on here, myspace, and in my Wal-Mart photo albums so that I can order pictures as soon as possible.

Tomorrow Shane and I are going to head to Peoria to get lunch together at One World and go shopping at the International food mart to get some needed ingrediants for me to start cooking some good food from our new cookbook with Thai and other Asian recipes, I am so excited to make some good Thai food and such. I do know that since I am wanting to do this one purchase that I will make soon is going to be a food processor. I don't have one and for several of the recipes that I would like you need one so I am going to have to hold off on those until I get one.

Not many other plans for the next few days. Andrew wanted to go to grandma and grandpa's for a night and he is going over there on Saturday afternoon so that he and grandpa can build a rabbit trap together and then he is going to stay the night and I will meet him at church the next morning. As for Allie and Shane and I well I want to get the house all picked up, holiday decor put away and get things organized after Christmas. I am hoping that I can accomplish all of this...I am going to be positive and say that I can!! Oh and I want to start doing menu planning for every 2 weeks so that I have a guide for what I will be purchasing at the store and to make grocery lists, which I hope to accomplish today. There will be one for a generic grocery store (Wal Mart, Hy Vee, Kroger, Schnuck's, etc) one for the international food mart, and one for Aldi (hey you gotta save money when you can!!).

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Jen B. said...

Sounds like you're off to a great 2009! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!