Saturday, December 20, 2008

Well this weekend has been interesting. I was so bummed that Andrew didn't have his little party at school on Friday, I stayed up late Thursday night making rice krispie treat gingerbread men and putting together cute little Santa bags with them and a candy cane for the kids. I also had gotten Andrew's gift for the gift exchange, a Ben 10 toy and a gift for his teacher all that were supposed to go to school on Friday. I am sincerely hoping that they reschedule for a time when I can go to the party as I was so excited to get to be the room parent for this one. Who knows though, maybe his teacher will let me come to the Valentine's Party since I wasn't able to come to this one and she knows that I want to be as involved as possible in this one.

The storm was bad and it is again getting bad. We did get to go most of the day on Friday without the internet or netflix and all of the day without cable. We spent some time playing Wii together and Andrew was staying with Grandma and Grandpa so he had a good time as well. I am kind of nervous that we might lose our power tonight with the added new ice and the fact that our lights have flickered a few times. Losing power with Andrew and Althea would be realy bad. I would be so worried about not having heat for the two of them, not so much worried for myself but especially worried for the baby. Too bad we don't have a propane heater we only have electric space heaters. Well I am going to watch Elf and spend some time with Shane and the kiddos but just wanted to update that we are fareing well in the storm only I hope to continue to remain as lucky as we have yet to lose power and I would prefer to keep it that way.

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