Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Claus Comes Tonight

Well, tonight is our celebrated Christmas Eve as Andrew is at his dad's on Christmas this year. So Santa is going to make a special trip and visit us a day early. I am so excited to see the kids when they get their presents. It sucks that poor little Allie is sick and not feeling well, she has a virus and she is just very lethargic and puney whereas I think that she would actually be more into looking at the toys and such if she were feeling better. They got their Christmas Eve gifts a while ago and Andrew is already chilling in his new jammies and Allie will be soon. Their Christmas pictures will be so cute this year.

I've had quite the week, stayed at my mom's the past few nights and was up a lot with Althea as she was ill. Shane has night time duty tonight though as I am driving to Kansas tomorrow when we leave so that he can drink some beers and relax this time round. I am going to get to relax on the ride home on Monday which is actually preferred for me as that is the day before I have to go back to work, so it will be nice to actually have some time to chill after the holiday. Then it is back to work for a simple two days and then off for the new year holiday.

I am just so excited to see everyone and to celebrate the day together. We will be up early, do the things here, play some here and then we will be headed to my mom's where we are going to order Davis Brothers Pizza and open presents with them and my brother and then we will be having my extended family over to celebrate, then heading out, dropping Andrew off at his dad's and going to Kansas. It will be a good time!

I am also excited for Shane to get his gift from me. I got him plane tickets to Austin TX to see his brother on his brother's birthday and then I will fly out two days later and we will fly home two days after I get there so he will have some guy time alone and then we will have a short trip together. I just didn't want to leave Andrew and Allie and I didn't want to leave them for more than two nights.

Well I am going to go and basque in my current state, I have a gorgeous baby sleeping on my chest and I have a wonderful partner who is downstairs playing Wii with my amazing son. It is so cute to think about how things are and to celebrate the holidays and what not as a family. It is our first Christmas at our new home and one that I am sure will bring many memories for us to have a magical time together as a family!

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