Saturday, December 13, 2008

Only a few more days til Christmas...

I can't believe that we will be celebrating Christmas so soon. Of course at my house this year we will be celebrating Christmas eve and doing our Christmas eve traditions on the 23rd as Andrew is at his dad's on Christmas this year. Then we are celebrating Christmas on the 24th.

I am so excited about starting some new traditions this year. We did decorate our stockings and it was so much fun to paint them with the kids. They had a good time and they were so cute doing it!

So here are our traditions, the weekend before Christmas we are going to be making homemade candy. On Christmas Eve we are going to give the kids one gift, it is going to be pretty much the same thing from here on out, new pjs, new clothes/shirts to wear on Christmas day, a cuddley, and a new Christmas book. For Christmas the new tradition is that Santa is no longer wrapping his presents. I just thought that Andrew almost figured it out last year with my mom that there was no Santa as he didn't understand how grandma and Santa could have the same wrapping paper so form now on Santa is not wrapping his presents. The kids will have presents to open from each other and us under our tree and obviously from other family when we are other places.

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