Monday, May 5, 2008

Work Fun!!

Yay! I am now in the happy confines of the office....not really wanting to get on the ball this morning but I need as much billable time as possible so I must be snappin' to it!! I am hoping to have a full calendar and get my full amount of productivity by the 1/2 way point this month so that I can apply for the raise that I would be entitled. Basically after you have worked in the industry for 2 years you are entitled to get a $3000/yr would be nice to have that kick in by June 1st so that my maternity leave would be paid at that rate. Who knows if it wil lhappen though? I am going to start working on it with my boss this week. I have a ton of paperwork to sort through on my desk and oodles of stuff to go over this week so things should be smooth sailing from here. Yay!! LOL! Not really that great but I am ready to get on the go and find out what the future holds for me as I feel that I am stuck in this deadend job at the moment. Do other people feel confused, frustrated and stuck??

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