Saturday, May 10, 2008

Money Issues!!

Well things are finally getting better in the money department for me! I have been freaked out as I have had bills bills and more bills and seemingly they keep getting bigger! I just got approved for a new credit card, and it is a high enough balance to pay off the other two credit cards that I have with a balance transfer!! Yay!! I am going to be able to pay them off with 0% interest until June of 2009! That's perfect for me to get on the road to financial freedom! I am cutting up my other cards today! It is liberating to cut up credit cards and to know that I am going to be benefiting my family by learning how to get out of debt and stay out of debt! I am going to be cut down to one monthly payment too instead of two which will be super nice!! I am hoping though that I will be able to get it all paid off by the time that I am done! Shane should be proud as I will be done soon with being in debt! I am working really hard to get myself in a better spot financially so that I can go back to school! I need to make more money so that things are not so tight and stressful around here and to do so, well I am going to have to work at it!

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