Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mommy Things!

It's the day before Mother's Day! Things here are going well! I am just getting ready to run and pick up two hanging baskets (one for my grandma and one for my aunt) for mom's day! Depending on prices and what they have, I might also be picking up one for myself! I wouldn't mind seeing a few flowers on my front porch, it would make our house a bit homey. For my mom, well she is getting a digital photo keychain...yep something that I want that is not too expensive that I have yet to purchase for myself.

I've been doing the house cleaning thing as the family is coming over for dinner tomorrow night! We are doing a whole Mexican thing. I got all of the dusting done and still need to finish up the kitchen this evening as well as finish sweeping floors! I want to wait on the bathrooms until tomorrow morning so that they smell super clean! I am kind of a bathroom freak!

Anyways what types of mom day plans do my readers have? Anything interesting planned! Not much going on here. We are just going to be getting up and relaxing, possibly going out to a late breakfast if Andrew is cool with that. I know that it sounds odd to say it that way but it is always easier to do breakfast when you know that the kid is going to behave. I guess I will probably try bribing him as he wanted a laser toy that was in some stupid quarter machine at this one little place here in Canton and I guess that I will probably tell him if he goes and sits nicely through breakfast that we will get that laser toy! That should make it where we can go and get some good eats and he will be cooperative!

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