Sunday, June 7, 2009

Camping and Fun Times During Our Busy Summer!!

Things are crazy!! We are having a great time with this being the begining of the summer but there has already been a lot of busy times.

Here's what's happening in our world.

Well Memorial Day weekend we headed to Chillicothe IL and went to Summer Camp Festival. It was a good time and both of the kids enjoyed it a lot even though they both got pretty worn out.

Then the following weekend when we had Andrew (this past weekend) we ended up going to Elandorf Music Festival. We had another great weekend of fun and camping!!

There has also been a sign up at the library to get Andrew involved in the summer reading program and several trips to the pool. It has been such a good time!!

So, what do we have planned for the rest of the summer, well it's a gonna be a busy one for us!! We have some time off, then we have Phish in Apline Valley while Shane's mom stays with Althea and Andrew is at his dad's (a little alone time for the two of us)....several pool and library trips in between!!

July 9 and 10 we are going to Six Flags in St. Louis...staying overnight in the hotel and then headed to the park. July 18 is the kids birthday party for family, August 1 is Andrew's birthday party with his friends, July 15 is Althea's birthday and we are headed to the zoo and July 30 is Andrew's birthday with an evening trip to Cartsville and he also gets to go to with grandma and grandpa to a Cardinal's game that week on the 28th! Then there is his friends birthday party on August 1st (won't be too big as his friends from school never responded so there are just three little boys from his class and his one friend from Decatur if he can make it, I am emailing his momma early though so hopefully!!).

Also sometime we need to travel back to Kansas or Kansas City and that is happening either Sunday August 2-Sunday August 9 or Wednesday August 12-Wednesday August 19, with Phish in Chicago on August 11 and going to Chicago on Thursday August 20-Sunday August 23!

So we are going to have one hell of a start to August with school starting on the 24th!!

Busy busy busy months ahead!!

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