Monday, March 30, 2009

My Last Week is Proving to be Crazy!!

So it is my last week of work and I don't feel like I will ever have enough time to get everything finished like it needs to be done. I feel like I am simply put, going to go crazy in the process. I just have so much going on all around me and I have no idea how I am going to finish it all in time. The worst part for me is the whole documentation thing, well yep that is what I have let slide and I have like a million notes to type tomorrow as well as finish up all of the treatment plans and reviews that need to be done so I am going to spend my last week literally going crazy trying to get it all finished.

However it is my last week and my income from writing is going well. I do have three papers to complete tomorrow and 20 short articles so writing is taking off and busy busy busy but I know that I can get it all done and then that things will be going well overall. Not much else is happening, just hoping that I really do have time to get everything finished prior to my leaving.

There are some personal things that I need to get done too. Activity charts and charts for Andrew's bahavior all need to be completed as well so just more hecticness for me!! LOL! And I have to prepare and develop a chore chart. So we will see how it will all get done!!

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Jen B. said...

Hope everything went smoothly throughout the week even though you were so super busy! Congrats on baby #3!