Thursday, February 5, 2009

Looking Forward to the Weekend

The weekend can not start soon enough. We had one heck of a night tonight and I had a long long day...I am ready to relax with some good tv if there were just some on it would be so cool but the problem is that it is that there are only reruns of shows that I like. Odd thing is that both of my children are actually sleeping at the same time, kind of a rare occurance in our!! Shane is already in Texas so here I am writing, I am starting the series The United States of Tara about some lady with multiple personality disorder, if nothing else it should at least make me laugh. I kind of have a feeling that I will be sleeping in the living room on the couch tonight as I hate to sleep in our bed alone and I don't want Andrew to sleep with me and he is in our room anyways because he had a meltdown and was supposably afraid of our room (yep you will get more on that one later.).

Let's see the day started out with Andrew being a grumpy gus this morning, let's just say that he is not a morning glory like his!! He was kind of freaking out about everything and I just assumed it was because I was home rather than him just being here with Shane as the usual. It started out really good but somewhere between when he ate breakfast and when it was time to leave for school he lost all of his ability to listen and follow even the simplest directions. Then I took him to school. Then I went into work to lead our team meeting...woo hoo!! Fun times, there it was actually pretty cool leading it and I got to propose my new attempted flexible schedule to the team today to see what they thought, it was that I would be working Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm, Tuessday from 6:30 am until 8 pm and then on Thursday from 6:30 am to 1 pm. I really am pretty excited for this to start as I will only have to send Andrew to one day of after care since he will be at his dad's on Tuesdays so really I will spend so much more quality time with him..

Let's see though, back to my crazy day, I left work after my team meeting, yep doing some treatment planning and a few client phone calls from home tomorrow to make up for the hours. Then let's see I took Shane to the airport and we got some lunch along the way, it was so odd to drop him off and to know that it was going to be two days before I would see him again. I hate separation. I still cry every time that Andrew goes to his dad's, so this weekend there will be a lot of tears for me, when I left Shane at the airport, when I take Andrew to his dad's, when I leave Althea with my mom, I am such a sappy one!

Then I came home and fed Althea again, went to Andrew's school and talked to them about being contacted if his dad had him to school late as this would hurt him and will suspend his visitations. I then surprised him to pick him up at school!! He was pretty happy for all of that. I then brought him and Allie home and allowed him to have Noah over, so yep just me and three kids for the majority of the night. Then he had a meltdown about ghosts so yep I am going to be ot allowing Harry Potter for a while as he told me that it was the Harry Potter ghosts and that he did not want to finish the book, well we were actually on the last chapter so I am going to go back to reading him Animal! Something that I will enjoy that he might like.

Well now I am going to do some work from home and watch Festival Express on the tv while I do so.

Peace, Love and a Safe and beautiful weekend for all of you!!

I am headed out to Austin tomorrow. I am pretty freakin' excited for some grown up time with Shane as we do not ever really get that without one or both of the kids around. I am also excited about the weather.

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