Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Crazy Life

Well, I just wish sometimes that things would slow down, I mean slow way down. Things have just been freakin' crazy around me. I am up at 4:00-4:30 am every morning to get ready for work, get the baby ready, drop her off at my mom's and be at work by 6:30 am. On days when I get to sleep in, usually I am still up around 5:00-5:30 is crazy!! Sometimes I feel as though I am so sleep deprived that I simply can not take not being able to get some more sleep sometime.

The kids are great!! Althea is getting bigger each and every day and is growing up so fast that I can not believe that she is already 3 1/2 months old. I love that she "talks" and coos and that she laughs and tries to sing along with you when you are singing to her. She is starting to notice things and she loves when we all sit around and read books every night prior to when Andrew goes to bed. She loves reading and laughs and interacts with the pictures. So far it seems that "Fox In Socks" by Dr Seues is her favorite. She laughs and sometimes you have to read it more than once to her so that she is not crying when you are finished.

Andrew is growing like a weed as well. He is definilty in a size 5 and not a 5T, as those are starting to be too short for him. He is into all of the big boy things now and is no longer my baby. He is so freakin' funny too...I absolutely love it when he giggles and laughs and acts all silly so much of the time. He is super sweet about his baby sister too so that is nice as well.

Shane and I are great...working on the things that average couples work on and learning to lean on each other more and all in all we get along very well, even when we are angry or irritated with each other we are able to talk about things so that is nice as well.

As for work, well I am still at the Human Service Center in Peoria, still working with adults with severe and persistent mental illness...we are no longer considered a CST team but we are still basically doing the same things that a CST team did so it is kind of silly that we are not the same that we once were. I enjoy working in this type of field and have thought about leaving because of the fact that the money sucks and I really would like to feel as though I were working full time for a reason...but I am super excited about the prospect of working for the state in the prison systems as these types of jobs are available there and I would love to be able to work in that capacity and the money is great there as well, almost two times what I now make.

Life is going pretty well all in all..there have been some reccent rough patches but I have kept perservereing through them all and it seems as though all is going to turn out well!!

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